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Update, October 2014:

Added a new blog category, "65", that may appeal to some of y'all.  And I am getting back to work. Stay tuned for more stories.  Later...


Update, Dec. 17, 2013:

Using, and a few other sources, I have filled out the Rose-Armitage family tree back to the immigrant ancestor (and I'm sure there are mistakes, but this thing is a work in progress). It has been an amazing journey for me with lots of stories, lots of heroes, lots of surprises. You can see the whole tree on, The Edwin Rose Family Tree.

So, I'm re-starting this blog and sharing some of the stories of our Rose and Armitage ancestors.  They are quite a crew.

The photographs are still here and the other older material.If you have a prayer request--or a praise report--leave it in the prayer app.  God is good!

And now... join me as I share stories from our past.  Feel free to join and leave your comments.


Mayflower Rose descendants who were at the first Thanksgiving in 1621 and those who travelled on the Mayflower but died before the Thanksgiving celebration

(Note: The generation of each ancestor is calibrated to the Ed Rose generation of the Rose Family. Information derived from  You can see the family tree:  Edwin Rose family tree on

Isaac Allerton, 12th great grandfather

Birth 1586 in London, London, England

Death 12 Feb 1659 in New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Remember Allerton, 11th great grandmother

Birth 1614 in Holland, Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Death 12 Sep 1655 in Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA

Mary Allerton, 11th great grand aunt

Birth Jun 1616 in Holland, Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Death 28 Nov 1699 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Bartholomew Allerton, 11th great grand uncle

Birth 1612 in Leiden, Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Death 15 Oct 1658 in Bramfield, Suffolk, England

Samuel Fuller, 9th great grand uncle

Birth Jan 1578

Death 1633 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Samuel Fuller, 8th great grandfather

Birth 8 April 1612 in Redenhall, Norfolk, England

Death 1683 in Barnstable, Massachusetts USA

Richard Warren, 9th great grandfather

Birth 1580 in London, London, England

Death 1628 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

George Soule, 9th great grandfather

Birth 1593 in Eckington, Worcestershire, England

Death 22 Jan 1679 in Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA

John Alden, 10th great grandfather

Birth 1599 in Southampton, Hampshire, ENG, UK

Death 12 Sep 1687 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, USA

Edward Winslow, 10th great grand uncle

Birth 18 OCT 1595 in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England

Death 08 MAY 1655 in Jamaica

Susanna Fuller White, wife of 10th great grand uncle

Birth 1594 in Droitwich, Worcs, England

Death 1 Oct 1680 in Marshfield, Plymouth, MA, USA

Resolved White, stepson of 10th great grand uncle

Birth 9 September 1615 in Holland, Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Death 19 September 1687 in Salem or Marshfield, USA

Peregrine White, stepchild of 10th great grand uncle

Birth 10 Dec 1620 in Cape Cod Harbor

Death 29 Jul 1704 in Marshfield USA

Mary Chilton Winslow, 10th great grandmother

Birth 31 May 1607 in Sandwich, Kent, England

Death 16 May 1679 in Boston, Suffolk, MA, USA

Gilbert Winslow, 10th great grand uncle

Birth 26 Oct 1600 in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England

Death 26 Oct 1660 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

William Latham, 10th great grandfather

Birth 1608 in Eccleston-By-Chorley, Lancashire, England

Death 1651 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Francis Cooke, 11th great grandfather

Birth 1583 in Gides Hall, Essex, England

Death 7 Apr 1663 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, USA

John Cooke, 10th great grand uncle

Birth 1607 in Leiden, South Holland, Holland

Death 23 Nov 1695 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

Priscilla Mullins, 10th great grandmother

Birth 1602 in Dorking, Surrey, ENG

Death 5 Feb 1688 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, USA

Source: Information available on

Nineteen members of the Rose extended family sat around the dinner table at the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621.

Ten members of the family passed away during the journey or the hard winter that preceded the celebration.

Norris Allerton (deceased), 12th great grandmother

Birth 1588 in Newbury, Berkshire, England

Death 25 Feb 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Ann Hopkins Fuller, (deceased) 9th great grandmother

Birth 22 Apr 1577 in Redenhall, Norfolk, England

Death 11 Jan 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

James Chilton (deceased), 11th great grandfather

Birth 1563 in Canterbury, Kent, England

Death 18 Dec 1620 in Cape Cod, Barnstable, MA, USA

Susanna Furner Chilton (deceased), 11th great grandmother

Birth About 1556

Death 21 Jan 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Edward Fuller (deceased), 9th great grandfather

Birth 4 Sep 1575 in Redenhall, Norfolk, England, England

Death 10 April 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

William Mullins (deceased), 11th great grandfather

Birth 1578 in Dorkshire, Sussex, England

Death 1621 in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, USA

Alice Atwood Mullins (deceased), 11th great grandmother

Birth 1574

Death 1621

Elizabeth Barker Winslow(deceased), wife of 10th great grand uncle

Birth 1597 in Chattisham, Suffolk, England

Death 21 Mar 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Joseph Mullins (deceased), 10th great grand uncle

Birth 1602 in Dorking, Sussex England

Death 1621 in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts

William White (deceased), husband of wife of 10th great grand uncle

Birth 10 Nov 1591 in Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Death 21 Feb 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

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